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Before registering on Caapid , I tried the NBDE part 1 . Thank god, now i know how much time i need to prepare on Decks & Firstaid . Really gives you a sense of where you stand .

Li Wei

Finally found an online version of how to prepare for AFK !!!! YAAAS!!! . Didn’t even bother with the actual released questions . Passed with a 77 !


Saw a lot of repeat/similar questions in their study course that came . What i really liked was their NBDE PART 1 question bank .. similar to asda but really makes u think . Lot of application based questions just like in NBDE


Both love and hate the tests ! Hate coz its a little hard, love coz it made my NBDE easy and i saw alot of repeats . I passed on my first try !lol